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Chewlery is the new trendy Mom jewelery! Made of the same safe Silcine as our teethers, they are also safety tested, made with stregnthy, durability and funcionality in mind. Not only will you enjoy wearing these neckalces, your baby willl also look forward to you wearing them! They are great for when your breastfeeding, to either distract baby or soothe baby. Also great for when your holding baby, baby can reach, play and teeth on it, and the break away clasp makes it super easy to take the neckalce off and offer it to baby to play with while during those tedious diaper changes. Each NEcklace comes extra log, so you can adjust it accordingly, siply becuase we are built differently,so this feature allows you to really customize it to you and yours!

Each necklace will incorporate texture to help stimulate babies senses, aide in helping those sore gums find releif, and is also great for tactile use with babies growth and development. The textures of the beads and wood make it the ultimate teeting mommy chewlery.