About Us

Our little baby boo is how Baby Boos Teethers came to be. We needed safe, high quality, non toxic teething accessories to help ease his teething. After doing my research I wanted to help parents threw the tough years of teething with products that were both stimulating, safe and eased babies gums.

Our Teethers

Offering the safest teething products of the most superior quality, all while staying trendy and modern! 

Our teething pendants are designed to be effective aides in your teething babes, by soothing sore gums, entertaining and delighting curious babies. Our lovingly hand made products are eco friendly, durable and may support in the development of fine-motor skills and the hand eye mouth coordination babies learn when reaching, holding, grasping and chewing on objects. Each teething pendant is carefully and meticulously  handcrafted with the latest fashion trends for the modern Mama and baby! Our teethers are non-toxic, eco-friendly and durable!

Choose from a variety of our signature designs and original teething pendants below. Know that you chose the safest product for your babe. Small shop with big dreams with safety 1st.